Receive One-on-One Guidance From Nadine No Matter Where You Are In The World!



There are several convenient benefits to online coaching:

  • Receive advise no matter where you are in the world!
  • Be coached in your usual environment where you and your horse are much more relaxed than in a clinic setting
  • No need to endure the stress of transporting your horse to a new area
  • Much more schedule-friendly especially if you have a busy lifestyle
  • You may already have a video that you recorded for another reason!
  • The option to pre-record your video when its just you and your horse, without the nerves that arise when someone is watching you 
  • No previous experience is necessary! 

How It Works


Your lesson can focus on a topic of your choice: liberty, trick training, in hand, problem solving etc! You have a couple of options for how your online coaching call is set up:

Coaching Call with Pre-Recorded Video (Recommended)

Record a video and send it in to Nadine ahead of time (instructions for this is available upon booking). You will then decide a time that suits you and Nadine to meet via Zoom (or similar) to discuss your horse and training, and be able to ask all of your questions!

Voice-Over Feedback

Record a video and send it in to Nadine ahead of time (instructions for this is available upon booking). Nadine will watch your video and record voice-over feedback and then return the video to you. You can then of course follow up with any further questions that you may have.

Live Lesson

1) Set your phone up on the fence, use a PIVO device or ask someone to video for you.

2) Connect Bluetooth earphones to your device

3) Connect with Nadine to receive real-time feedback while you are with your horse!

Nadine will be able to watch you with your horse and you will be able to talk to each other during the session!


Bookings & Prices


Foundation Mastery Session

Your initial lesson with Nadine is an extended 90-minute session, allowing enough time for Nadine to chat with you about your horse and your shared history, and to cover important principles related to her training method. Following this discussion, you'll dive into your session with your horse and receive ample homework to practice until your next lession. This also presents a fantastic opportunity for you to ask any burning questions! Nadine also tailors her lessons to each individual so don't hesitate to let her know if there is something particular you would like to work on/towards.


Academy Member: $220 (inc. GST)

Non-Academy Member: $250 (inc. GST)


Continued Growth & Refinement Sessions

After your initial session, subsequent sessions focus on helping you continue to progress and address any issues you may encounter. These follow-up sessions are 45 minutes each, ensuring they are not too much for your horse.


Academy Member: $110 (inc. GST)

Non-Academy Member: $150 (inc. GST)


Introductory Immersion Package

1x Foundation mastery Session

5x Continued Growth & Refinement Sessions

Value of $1000

Package Investment:

Value $1000

Academy Member: $770 (inc. GST)

Non-Academy Member: $900 (inc. GST)

(Lessons must be used within 6 months of purchase)

How To Book

To book your lesson or to find out more, please contact us by filling out the form below, or email us on [email protected] .

Feel free to include some details about you and your horse and what you are interested in learning!

Please make sure your email address is correct or we wont be able to reach you!